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Things are looking well, now that I've managed to return to this reality. I thought it a bit odd that Belthazor was surprised to see me at his birthday party back in January. After looking into things, I've discovered that The Charmed Ones managed to vanquish me from this reality over a year ago, when I tried to take the Source's child from Phoebe. Her spirit was strong, but she wasn't strong enough to hold the power of the Source's child inside her. I felt it best that he be removed, and that I raise him. It was during my coronation as Source that they were able to vanquish me. I never should have had that cage at the ceremony.

I'm sure I'll find ways to bide my time. I have preparations to take care of.

I'm interested in finding out how to release the Source that has been bound within Cole Turner. Should you have any information regarding that, please contact me here. Be sure to firewall your post. There are many prying eyes about...
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